Get Professional Therapy Without Leaving Your Home

Schedule online therapy from Jacqueline Durham, LCSW, LLC based out of Red Bank, NJ

If you have a health problem or disability that makes it difficult to leave your home, you can still access professional counseling services. Jacqueline Durham, LCSW, LLC is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker based out of Red Bank, NJ who offers counseling over the phone, as well as online therapy.

She takes appointments by video conference and over the phone, depending on her clients' needs. Reach out today to schedule a convenient online appointment.

What makes online therapy a good option?

There are many reasons why someone may prefer online therapy over traditional in-person options. Here are a few:

  • Some people are confined to their homes due to health reasons
  • Some people simply don't feel comfortable going to a therapist's office
  • Some people have busy schedules that make it difficult to travel

Jacqueline Durham, LCSW is proud to offer counseling over the phone, making her professional services available to everyone. Call today to find out how she can help you.