Teens Today Are Under a Lot of Stress

An experienced adolescent therapist in Red Bank, NJ can guide them through it

Adolescence marks a difficult transitional period in life. Today's teens are finding themselves under a lot of stress, which can take a major toll on their mental health. Jacqueline Durham, LCSW, LLC is an experienced adolescent therapist based out of Red Bank, NJ who specializes in helping teens cope with stress, anxiety, autism and behavioral issues.

If you've been looking for a highly qualified autism therapist for teens, you've come to the right place. Call today to discuss your needs with a compassionate local counselor.

3 reasons why your teen may need to see a therapist

Many teenagers can benefit from seeing an adolescent therapist. Here's why:

  1. Being a teen is tough, and adolescents can be vulnerable to mental health issues.
  2. Many teens struggle with excessive anger, low self-esteem and poor relationships at home or school.
  3. Sometimes teenagers need an unbiased outsider to talk to about their feelings.

Jackie is a knowledgeable adolescent and autism therapist who has been working with teens for over 32 years. Reach out today to learn how she can help your teenager.